How to Prevent Your Cat Returning to His Former Home

Sometimes a house move only involves a small change in geography to a cat and, once let out, the cat soon comes across familiar territorial routes leading to his old home. This could mean that your cat has not created his own territory at your new house. In a situation like this, you need to seek the goodwill of your house purchasers to take deterrent action and aid you in training your cat to accept your new home as his new home, if you’re moving near by, but if in change you’re moving to a different state, getting professionals as Out of State Movers could be the best choice for this.

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Equipment: Citrus peel, citrus-based aromatherapy spray or diluted vinegar spray, cat carrier.

Training steps

1. Ask your purchasers to take deterrent action by not feeding your cat in his old house or outside territory.

2. Ask them to throw water at him when they see him in his old garden.

3. Attempt to change the smell of the old garden by placing old citrus peel on the ground. Alternatively, obtain a citrus-based aromatherapy spray or diluted vinegar spray to use on the garden.

4. When you collect your cat from his sorties, try and confuse him by taking him home using different routes.

5. If necessary, remove your cat to a cattery well outside his normal geographical area for at least a couple of weeks to help him to forget his old territory.

6. If the attachment to the old house and territory continues, keep your old cat inside your new home for a few weeks. This will probably tax your patience, as he will require your time, love and affection with small but frequent meals served throughout the day to reinforce his links with his new home.

7. When you feel satisfied that your cat’s ‘homing’ instinct is transferred to his new home, follow steps 2-4 of the section entitled “When to let your cat out.”

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