How to Prepare your Dog for Shampoo Bath

When it comes to dog grooming, a bath is one of the healthiest things you can do for your dog. Even the most docile canine may struggle and resist you at bath time. So next time you lather up fido try some of these simple techniques to help ensure both of you have a pleasant experience.

  • Set up the bath area before you ever bring your dog into the room. Lay out all the necessary items for bath time so that you can easily reach for what you need in the event your dog is squirming or trying to get away.
  • Prepare your dog by combing out any major snarls in his fur, and place cotton balls in his ears to keep soap and water from getting in. Just be sure to remove the cotton balls when you’ve finished grooming him.

  • Get all your supplies ready before involving your dog. Supplies should include a water source, shampoo, water for rinsing, towels for drying, sponge or washcloth, cotton balls, grooming tools for poodles,  a comb and brush. If using a tub, have it already filled before getting your dog to prevent running water scaring him off. Remove old hairs from his coat with a comb and brush. Finally, place cotton balls in his ears to protect against ear infections.
  • In bathing your dog always use pet shampoos and never products designed for people. Even though some human products, such as baby shampoos, are mild, there’s a two-point difference in the amount of alkalinity or acidity (pH) of the products. Using a product formulated for humans can dry out a dog’s coat. There are shampoos for maintaining pearlescent whiteness for white coats, as well as special shampoos for enhancing the shine of dark-coloured and black dogs.
  • If you’re bathing your dog outside with a garden hose, first test out the water, ensuring it isn’t too cold or too hot. Next, wet your dog with a hose. After he’s thoroughly soaked, apply shampoo, starting on his back and then gently working it through the coat for roughly ten minutes. Be careful not to get soap in his mouth or face. Using a sponge or washcloth, gently clean and rinse his face. Use a soft brush for cleaning paws and between his toes on his nails. Wait the recommended time for the flea shampoo to work. Usually this takes about five minutes.
  • Rinse your dog’s coat thoroughly, making sure to remove all soap. First, let your dog shake off the water. Next, dry his coat with a thick absorbent towel, trying to remove as much water as possible. Keep your dog on flooring (rather than carpeting) or a blanket until he’s dry as dogs normally like to roll in grass or carpeting following a bath.

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