How to Prepare the Basic Supplies for Your Dog’s Formal Training

You’ll need to make sure you have equipped yourself with everything you need to be a good teacher. For you, that’s an optimistic attitude, and for your student, it’s something to keep him interested in learning. As mentioned earlier, that something is usually food—good food. Though some lucky teachers have dogs who love to work, most would rather be chasing rabbits. Make sure the food you plan on using is food he loves. His normal dinner food, like kibble, is not usually enticing enough. I suggest offering small bits of soft nutritious food. You’re going to be generous with your rewards, so you may as well make sure he doesn’t fill up on the equivalent of hamburgers and fries. And of course, he should be hungry when you train him.

Toys, balls, and activities can also provide reinforcement for your dog. They can be very powerful with some dogs and deserve attention and exploration. Some dogs love to chase a ball or play tug-of-war as a reward, while some like to wrestle for a few seconds. These rewards will come in handy as you and your dog move from grade school to high school to college. However, in the beginning stages, treats will be more effective because of the speed of reinforcement.

dog's Formal training

If you’re using food, you’ll need a reward bag. Commonly called a “bait” or “treat” bag, it holds the treats to give your dog when he does something right. It’s extremely important to have one, though the look can be quite unfashionable. Old fanny packs are fine, or you can buy a bag at a pet shop. Use something that attaches to your clothing or that can be tied around your waist and will leave your hands free. It should be easily accessible—you don’t want to be fishing deep into your pockets for a treat for five minutes after your dog just performed exquisitely!

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