How to Prepare Holy Water

An integral element of the catholic faith is holy water. It symbolizes purification and cleaning of sins. Because of its powers of luck and healing, it is used in most of the sacraments and blessings. Blessing the dead and the newborn with holy water during death and baptismal rites is very familiar. Holy water has also been found to be used in non-catholic sacramental events, despite its strong association with the catholic faith.

Holy water, meant to protect against evil, is in fact not any kind of magical potion, despite its tie with a popular faith. Its chief ingredient is salt. It can be purchased at hospital chapels and religious and some other specialty stores. Some Anglican and catholic churches also sell it.

Holy water can also be made on your own by the following method. For this, sea or kosher salt, rose water, spring water, a glass container and container bottle and a white cloth are required.

1. For non-Catholics, it is advised that they should do this at a full moon night at around mid-night, because of its greater effectiveness under the moon’s complete view.

2. Clean the glass container with hot water. Before washing with more water and soap, allow the hot water to remain in it for some time.

3. Wipe the container with the white cloth and then use it for laying down the other ingredients later.

4. The art of addition of the ingredients should not be done under any pressure, but under complete relaxation. Breathing exercises or yoga and stretching can be done for relaxation.

5. Pour spring water in the bowl. Actual spring water is hard to obtain, some might need to hike or trek for it. If it is commercially available, then it should be ensured that it is real.

6. Add the rose water in it and mix well. Say a chant of consecration or a short prayer while holding the bowl up facing the moon.

7. Add the salt after bringing it down and then stir it slowly to dissolve it. Keep saying the prayer along with the stirring.

8. When the salt starts melting, stop stirring and keep everything down. Hold the mixture in your hands onto your palm. Say a chant of blessing as you hold it. The prayer should be personal, particular and given whole-heartedly, for some meaning and effect.

9. Store it in a container or put in on dispenser, particularly if it is to be meant for a large number of people.

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