How to Position Lamps in the Dining Room

The dining room is a very fun room to design and adorn. After deciding on the theme, whether it is traditional, English, Spanish or Victorian, you may go ahead and buy whatever furniture and fixtures are suitable to you as per the chosen theme. After having placed the furniture, the next thing you have to do is decide on a place for the lamps. These are some guidelines to help you decide where you can place and position your lamps in the dining room:

  • If you are going in for sconce lamps, then position them in a way that they are evenly placed. Lighting equipment that is firmly fixed to the wall such that its light aims upwards is a sconce lamp. The concept derives inspiration from torchlight of olden days. As these lamps are attached onto the wall, therefore even spacing between them becomes necessary. Take a measuring tape to measure along your dining room the space you can devote to these lamps. Use a pencil to mark the positions. After you have finalized the positions of your sconce lamps, all you have to do is attach and fix them on the dining walls.

  • In case of floor lamps, use the darkest places in the dining room. Floor lamps are different from sconces. These are used to provide bright, ambient lighting, which is to counter the effect of dim overhead lighting. In case you are not using the general lights for your ceiling, then 1 or 2 floor lamps will be more than sufficient for the perfect amount of light.
  • Use the table to position accent lamps. Accent lamps have a sole purpose of decoration. They are not used much for lighting purposes. They give a different ambiance and atmosphere to the room on using. These should be positioned at the ends of your awesome dining table like custom timber dining tables, to emphasize the food that is kept there.
  • Arrange for a dimmer switch for your overhead lights. Whatever be the ambiance of the dining, the amount of light should be relevant to that. Hence, get a dimmer switch set up for your chandelier. This gives you the power to control the amount of brightness in the dining and also is energy saving in a few instances. So pay a visit to the local electric store and get hold of a dimmer switch. Be careful to follow the word-to-word instructions as specified for the dimmer switch.

Last but not the least, for your general lighting, use frosted bulbs, for a warm and friendly atmosphere in the dining.

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