How to Plan a Winning Home-Office

Whether you need desk space from time to time, or use your home as a permanent work place, you’ll need to plan your workroom carefully.

If home working is not a main issue for you, then this room may be an office-cum-study with more emphasis on furnishing the room in a similar style and standard to the rest of your house.

However, if you are setting up a home office on a limited budget, you may prefer to concentrate on communication tools and improvise on the furniture or buy at low cost. Also, a good Disposable Face Mask – LTC Office Supplies for better work results, Used office equipment is often sold off cheaply at auction sales.


A powerful home PC and reliable telephone system are at the heart of today’s home office. Consider installing a separate office line and number. It’s more professional and also helps to segregate work from home.

Power and Light

You may also need to upgrade electrical wiring to provide enough sockets for all the technology. Lighting needs to be bright and clear.

  • Use directional light on the desk.
  • If your desk or work station is against a wall, avoid having the source of light behind you. Instead, increase brightness with wall lights.
  • Make sure that you can screen off sunlight when needed. Shades make a small room feel less ‘hemmed in’ than closing curtains during daytime.
  • Don’t overload electrical sockets and secure cables so that you don’t trip on them.

How much space will I need

You can install a computer workstation under a stairway recess or even go as big as having a portable office. If you live alone it may be a feasible working area, but for privacy and concentration, it’s far from ideal. If you can’t give up a complete room tor work, choose a space in a room that’s away from the hub of the house and interruptions. As well as desk space, think about storage. You may want space to put up shelves, in addition to a filing cabinet. Shelving brackets and pallet racks are the most versatile arrangement and these can give floor-to-ceiling storage. If you work in the evenings, or need to stretch out to think creatively, you may also need room for chairs for long hours – technomono has a list of options available for you to choose.

Office maintenance

Choose office machinery that comes with good service support when planning to buy used machinery consider getting it evaluated by experts first, here is a plant and machinery valuations experienced valuer at your service. If possible, get a PC package that includes repairs at your home, not one that insists you return the machine to the vendor. Make use of an office supply company that provides next day stationery. The printer always needs a new cartridge when you’re too busy to get to the office supplies shop. Always keep a spare cartridge and replace it when you install it.

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