How to Pick a Scuba Snorkel Mask

There are some interesting and most exciting activities set to do with under the water where you snorkel. It’s nothing but the scuba diving. The vacations may be spent very happily and joyfully with such type of activities with your friends and loved ones. Making an adventure in the land itself is much thrilling. Whereas under the sea water? It can’t be just said by mere words alone. One will know more about it only when he gets a chance to explore it under the sea. One should be well equipped with the needed suit to go under and to move up the harsh and different environment. Your complete body should be fit with the scuba gear. It also includes your mask too. It will be difficult for you to breath if the mask is large enough as the water gets in seep filling it. Under carelessness it becomes very dangerous. This can be avoided if you know exactly how to suit the scuba snorkel mask. Go through the following to know more:

  • Breathing is made only through the nose. So the mask should be selected in such a way that the nose fits the nose pocket exactly. Make sure of the distance between lens and the eyes is correct. Vision is very important for one to proceed further so make a note over it. The faces may differ in sizes. So pick mask in such a way that it suits you by all means. Wide masks are chosen for wide faces.
  • Check twice the masks shape and its skin. Cheekbones may be large as in the case of wide face and small in the case of narrow faces. So make your pick such that it fits exactly at the silicone masks skin.
  • Before wearing the mask over the face just wrap your face gently so that it becomes quite easy to wear it strapped up and on the top. Hold a deep breath and wear the mask and there should be feel of vacuum inside it. Only then it stays correct in its position. When it doesn’t fits it just falls down completely. Keep trying to make a perfect fit of it.
  • Wear the mask and look it in front of the mirror. The tip of nose will be touching the nose pocket and that is a good sign for the perfect mask you have chosen and it fits you correctly. The mask skirt should also be well checked. In case of mask being longer it should be closer to the upper lip.
  • Both the sides of your face should be checked. No gap should be there between lips when you smile at the mirror.

Follow these instructions to have more fun!

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About the Author: By profession, Ralph Crutcher is a swimmer but enjoys playing football, Golf, and regularly goes to the gym to keep himself fit and healthy. This is one of the reasons; he likes to write about sports and fitness.

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