How to Perform Massage Stretching

Stretching is a beautiful addition to any body massage. Although working the muscles feels wonderful, the body can still feel compressed. Simple pulling or stretching affects the fibrous tissue around the joints and reduces muscle tension, leading to functional lengthening. Stretching gives a sense of expansion, taking the body beyond its functional limits and relaxing the muscles while restoring its range of movement. It should always be performed after the muscles have been warmed up and some of the tension released. The movements leading into each stretch need to be smooth, the muscles as relaxed as possible. Release the pull when you feel resistance and try again. Always stretch from a comfortable position.

The neck

Place your fingertips pointing downward over the top of the chest. Draw over the shoulders and under the neck in one movement, cupping the hands under the base of the skull. Holding firmly, but without pinching, pull directly back toward you, then release, for a stretch down the spine.

Massage Stretching

The legs Cup one hand under the heel of the foot, lifting the leg, and place the other hand over the top. Slowly pull back toward you, pulling mainly with the lower hand. Aim to get the movement coming from the hip. When you feel the joints resist, release and gently lower the leg, then try again.

The arms

Grasp the arm at the wrist with one hand and lift it up, supporting it at the elbow with your other hand. Gently start to pull the arm upward, using your supporting hand to assist the stretch. Pull the arm up as high as it feels comfortable, and when you feel resistance, lower it back down folding at the elbow, then stretch up again. The pull should be able to be felt in the back.

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