How to Move Inside Canoe Safely

One of the most adventurous and thrilling experience one can gain is through canoeing. Proper way of going inside it and getting out should be known else will be sure put into danger. Slight sliding over the water creates a situation of falling out causing to severe injuries with sure death in case of severe injuries. Chances to get rid to certain height at same time when executing in correctly will make you topple before getting the canoe inside. The following instructions will enable safe way getting you inside and outside.


  • Balancing oneself is the very important factor that one should keep in mind. On maintaining the balance enables easily to go inside and come out from the canoe.

  • Paddling oars are the important thing that should be carried with you while entering the canoe. It has to be made initially entering into the canoe. With parallel pattern of the canoe length just keeps the oars center towards it. Keeping it other than parallel pattern say perpendicularly may cause the canoe to fall as you go in or come outside putting you in danger. Make sure that you wear safety gear just before you enter into the water. Don’t just consider it easy and be without the swim jacket. Even though you are a expert in it wear the swim wear life jacket since there is no surety that the water flow will be stable So always make yourself prepared with safety first. And also once you get into the water you can’t predict how it will be. You can browse this Onyx Motion Paddle Board Reviews if your planning to shop for the top paddle boards for stand up paddle surfing and flatwater standup paddle boarding and improve your water sports performance!
  • Keep your hand held in position and just hold the canoe at either of its sides with help using your both hands. Unless you reach the balance keep holding it with your hands. Step inside the canoe at its center as you keep balanced. Then move inside as you hold the both the sides of the canoe. You may get toppled if you step somewhere at the sides of the canoe. So always remember to step at the center of the canoe. Gather your foot together as you have enough balance and as you step inside. Anyhow if you stand up also nothing going to change, so always hold the canoe at the either sides of the canoe.
  • Hold your companion along the procedure if you have one. As said earlier always remember to step at the center always rather than stepping at the sides. Ask your companion to follow you next.
  • And be seated inside rather than standing. Never keep standing for long time.

Ensure all these things before you set out for canoeing.

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