How to Maximize the Use of Your Opt-In List

An opt-in list proves to be an essential money-making tool in the online business world. E-commerce sites that do not utilize such are actually a rare find.

Opt-in overview

Opt-in lists make use of emails as primary marketing means. By subscription, sites and other consumers agree to receive constant newsletters from particular companies. This enables the consumer to get updates about your current offers as well as newly available products and services. Since mutual consent is in place, emails sent to the subscribers are not considered spam.

Opt-in Mailing List

Attracting subscribers

It is important to be able to build an opt-in list because at times only a few subscribe. Most people grow annoyed with promotional emails, so you have to make sure that you can provide a good newsletter. Also, you should have good site content to build people’s confidence in what you are offering. The more interested customers become of your site’s features, the more likely it is for them to come back. Newsletters work as appetizers for your site when your subscribers read them.

Adding extra income

Aside from marketing wares and services, opt-in lists can also be used as means of gaining added income. But if you want to get into this money-making scheme, only successful lists with numerous subscribers can prove successful. Here are some useful ways which you can use to make your list add extra income into your online business.

  • Advertise. A list which boasts of a lot of subscribers can attract corporations to pay for its banners and ads. Renting or selling lists is definitely a no-no, and since corporations know that they will opt for payment to get themselves advertised to the people on your list. You could place their ads on the newsletters you send to every subscriber you have.
  • Affiliate yourself with companies related to your business. You get paid here by every click or lead you can possibly generate for the company with which you are affiliated through your site or your newsletter.
  • Form a deal with other companies. This deal should state you are entitled to a portion of their sales for every successful buy from your list. If they happen to sell because a certain customer from your list gets in touch with them through your newsletter, you can ask them to give you a percentage of that profit.
  • Buy and resell products. You can get products from these companies through consignment and then sell these products to your list through your newsletters. To do this you should put an article about the product in your newsletter together with a photo and a brief description. When a subscriber becomes interested in a product, you may order that from the company and then sell it to the subscriber.
  • Sell a compilation of your articles through your list. Manuals, e-books, and even articles are actually in great demand, and you may find it surprising that a lot of people are willing to pay for these kinds of materials. You can also add incentives to attract buyers.
  • Build networks. You can do this from your list by getting your current subscribers to branch out to other potential subscribers and site viewers.

Partner with others. You can offer partnerships to some of your subscribers. In this way, a growing list can be more ensured as your partner helps make your network grow from his or her own end

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