How to Massage the Neck

Front of the body massage begins at your partner’s neck and is effectively a continuation of the back massage. In fact, the two areas should be seen as one, but it is easier and more effective to massage the neck in this position. As the neck can be particularly sensitive to touch, you will need to approach it carefully. Shown here are some simple but effective movements. The neck stretch feels absolutely wonderful and will make your partner feel at least two inches taller. Your partner should be encouraged to relax and simply let you do the strokes without tensing up or helping in any way. Try to keep your movements flowing and confident so your hands.

  1. Neck stretch

Sit at your partner’s head and rub a very little oil between your hands. Place them, fingers pointing downward, at the top of your partner’s chest. Keeping your hands in full contact with your partner’s body, draw them outward over the shoulders and slide round underneath the neck.

Massage Neck

  1. Neck stretch

Fingers facing upward beneath the neck, bring your hands back toward you until they are cupped around the base of your partner’s skull and gently pull. The direction of the pull should be back toward you, rather than up. Only do this once. The two steps should feel like one movement.

  1. Rolling the neck

Now place both hands under your partner’s neck. Start to draw one hand up the muscles at the side of the neck, rolling the head in the opposite direction. Then roll the neck the other way with your other hand, so the head turns back again. Roll the neck back and forth between your hands several times. Encourage your partner to relax during the strokes in order to feel the full benefit of the movements.

4.  Turning the head

In order to perform the next movement, you will need to turn your partner’s head. To do this smoothly, place both hands at the side of the head, thumbs in front of the ears, hands cupping the skull. Turn the head so that it rests on one hand, leaving your upper hand free to massage.

Massage Neck

  1. Shampooing the scalp

With the head resting on your lower hand, use your free hand to make shampooing movements over your partner’s scalp. You can use quite firm pressure, as this usually feels fantastic. Cover the half of the scalp you can reach using the balls of your fingers, then turn the head to repeat the shampooing movements on the other side of your partner’s scalp.

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