How to Massage the Back of the Legs

When you come to massage the legs you begin to feel a real sense of giving a full body massage. The legs offer you an opportunity to work on some of the body’s most powerful muscles, and you can really get to grips with some of the basic strokes. While you should approach the legs as a whole, in reality your movements will be divided between the upper and lower legs and the feet. The secret of a fantastic leg massage is to adjust your strokes to the length of the muscles and not to taper off too soon. The leg stretch needs to be performed by you both confidently and comfortably, and gets better each time you practise. Once it becomes familiar, it will give the massage an added depth.

1. Effleurage

Position yourself at your partner’s feet. Oil your hands, place them together above the ankle and glide up the length of the leg, stroking lightly over the knee. Separate your hands, reach over the hip and return down the outside of the leg. Repeat twice.

Massage  Back legs

2. Squeezing the calf

Place both hands just above your partner’s ankle, fingers and thumbs in a V-shape. Start to squeeze up over the calf muscles, spreading your hands as wide as possible. Release your pressure as you reach the knee. This stroke facilitates muscle drainage.

3. Squeezing the thigh

Brush the back of the knee lightly, then resume the squeezing movement up the back and outer thigh, keeping pressure away from the inner thigh. Continue up to the hip, putting your full body weight behind the movement to achieve a good, firm pressure.

4. Kneading the thigh

Change your position so you are square-on to your partner. Slowly start to knead the muscles over the back of the thigh. You can afford to use a firm pressure here, but check this as you are working. You will find the muscles move quite easily as you massage.

5. Wringing the thigh

Place one hand over your partner’s outer thigh, the other hand resting on the inside. Start to slide your hands toward each other, pressing the muscles firmly so they twist as your hands cross. Bring your hands to opposite sides of the thigh. Repeat the stroke the other way, working down to the knee.

6. Stretching the leg

Move to your partner’s foot. Place one hand underneath the ankle for support and your other hand around the heel. Now, use your body weight to lean backward and pull the length of your partner’s leg. You should be able to see this movement at the hip. The direction of the pull needs to be backward, rather than upward, and will give the leg a wonderful stretch.

7. Pressing the foot

Gently lower the leg and cup your hands around your partner’s foot. With the balls of your thumbs, press right over the sole of the foot, covering it several times. You can use firm pressure, especially if your partner is ticklish, but avoid pressing over the instep.

8. Feathering the leg

Use light feathering strokes which continue from your partner’s hips right down to the feet. Move your hands alternately in long strokes down the leg. This gives a sense of connection and brings attention to the feet. It is also a way of now bringing the leg massage to a close.

9. Holding the foot

Support your partner’s foot from underneath with one hand and lie the other across the sole, and simply rest for a moment. Focus on the energy coming from your hands. This will have a beneficial effect on the massage. Afterwards, repeat all the movements on the other leg.

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