How to Massage the Arms

The massage on the arms is similar in approach to the massage on the legs. While the arms should be regarded as a whole, you will find that your massage strokes naturally divide between your partner’s upper arms, forearms and hands. The arm stretch provides an opportunity to work on the shoulder and back. As with the leg massage, the key to a successful arm massage is to follow all the muscles from beginning to end. Your partner should be encouraged to totally relax and not try to hold on or help. As the muscles are more difficult to reach with the arm lying flat, support it for most of the movements. The muscles may look delicate, but you will find that you can keep your pressure quite firm.


Move to your partner’s side. Rub some oil onto your hands and then, beginning at the wrist, use effleurage strokes to spread the oil up over your partner’s arm. Use greater pressure on the upward stroke, sweep over the shoulder and return to the wrist. Repeat this stroke twice more.

Massage Arms

Squeezing the forearm Supporting your partner’s arm with one hand, place the other over the forearm, thumb on top and fingers underneath. Beginning at the wrist, squeeze up along the length of the muscles, tapering off as you near the elbow. This stimulates the muscles and releases tension. Repeat this movement several times.

Upper arm squeezing

Supporting your partner’s upper arm, continue the squeezing movements between the thumb and the fingers. Start by beginning just above the elbow and squeeze up the muscles to the top of the arm, reaching as far as you can. Apply most of your pressure to the front of the arm and repeat several times.


Grasp your partner’s arm at the wrist and lightly support the elbow with your other hand. Pick up your partner’s arm and start to gently stretch it upward. Increase the stretch as far as the arm comfortably wants to go. As you pull, keep your support at the elbow, both to avoid any strain and to extend the stretch. Your partner will feel the movement in the middle of the back.

Upper arm kneading

Lying your partner’s arm flat, knead the muscles along the front of the arm. Push in with your thumbs and roll back with your fingers. Your movements will be quite small here. Knead up and down the arm several times.

Opening the arm

Place both hands around your partner’s upper arm, thumbs together at the front, fingers cupped around the back. Slowly draw both thumbs apart, applying pressure with the base. Repeat the movement slightly further down the arm and continue down the forearm to the wrist.

Opening the hand

Place your hands in the same position over your partner’s hand and again draw the length of your thumbs apart. Keep your movement over the back of the hand, the pressure well above your partner’s fingers. The hand will arch as you do this stroke, which has an excellent releasing effect.

Twisting the fingers

Put your thumb and forefinger around the base of your partner’s finger and twist down the sides of the finger to the tip. You can do this stroke quite firmly. Twist down each finger of the hand in turn, including the thumb, loosening up the fingers as you do so.

Pulling the fingers

Hold one of your partner’s fingers between your own, your forefinger over the base of the finger, thumb underneath. Slowly pull the length of the finger, coming off at the tip. Squeeze gently as you pull to draw out any tension. Repeat the movement on each finger in turn, then change your position to perform the entire sequence on the other arm.

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