How to Manage Your Weight during Pregnancy

For a woman who has always dreamed of becoming a mother, there’s no better news than learning she is pregnant. However, what worries many women is that they will gain a lot of weight during their pregnancy—and getting back in shape after giving birth is often an arduous task. While it is true that weight gain is an inevitable part of pregnancy, a pregnancy with just a minimal number of added pounds is possible. Keeping the amount of weight you gain during pregnancy relatively low is not only better for your body and the baby, but it will make shedding the pounds post-pregnancy easier. Here’s how you can have a healthy and happy pregnancy, weight-wise.


Eating Right

1. Know how much weight you should gain. Assume a weight gain that is healthy. By knowing how much weight you should add on over the course of the pregnancy, you have a guide on the numbers you have to maintain. Normally a weight gain of 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy is enough for women who start at an average weight.  Meanwhile, for overweight women it should typically be at least 15 pounds but not exceed 25 pounds. Underweight women should go beyond 25 to 35 pounds. If you would rather get professional help managing your weight and health during pregnancy then consider going to an ob clinic for ob services.

2. Don’t eat for two. You really don’t have to eat a serving that is for two people. The truth is, your baby doesn’t need that much. An addition of 200 more calories per day should be enough for both of you to have enough nutrition.

3. Say no to junk food. Stay away from junk food. Don’t give in to all your pregnancy cravings regardless how powerful they may be, because those snacks typically have too much sugar—which is definitely not good for you or your baby. In fact, the excess weight from junk food is likely to remain in your body even after you give birth. Substitute the junk food instead by having a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and dairy products that are low in fat.

Exercising Regularly

1. Continue your workout regimen established prior to your pregnancy. If you are on a workout program before your pregnancy, you can opt to continue exercising as long as the drills are not too strenuous. Consult with your doctor about it and ask about the changes you can make to your routine in order to make it less physically demanding.

2. Keep moving. If you didn’t exercise regularly before you got pregnant, you don’t have to stay inactive for the whole nine months of your pregnancy. As long as your overall health is fine, you can start with light drills such as taking a walk or perhaps swimming. Stretching exercise make the muscles limber and warm, which can be especially helpful when you’re pregnant, visit and take your training to the next level by adding specifically designed products to your routine.

3. Do yoga. There is yoga specifically designed for pregnant women. This is an ideal form of exercise for you because it is light and gentle. It will make you feel better as well, especially if you are having troubles with backaches and stress. Also, it will help you burn the extra calories you take in from eating too much, thus helping you maintain your target weight gain.

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