How to Make Firecrackers

Firecrackers are great past times. They are fun to play with and they are great noise makers especially if there is a big celebration being held. But it can sometimes be dangerous. However, as long as they are played with adult supervision, it does not really matter. Fireworks are sold from Fireworks Retailer on big occasions only like Christmas, New Year and national holidays or sports event celebrations. Since firecrackers are just part of making the fireworks, firecrackers are not readily available on small occasions. But this should not stop us from creating our own firecrackers especially if there is a birthday coming up, learn more by reading the hole article and visiting the link.


  • newspaper
  • flour
  • black powder
  • fuse
  • mandrel
  • scissor or cutter


  1. Prepare a flour paste by mixing the flour with water. Spread them on the newspaper using one side only and roll them on a mandrel. Roll them together to get the preferred diameter of your firecracker. And carefully take it off from the mandrel. Allow them to dry. This will be used as the case or body of your firecracker. Cut the tube for about one and one half inches long. Close one end of the tube by placing a peg
  2. After the tubes are totally dried, fill it with black powder. You can create your own black powder by mixing potassium nitrate, sulfur and charcoal or you can try to buy the black powder from any of your local stores that sell it. Fill the tubes with the black powder until it reaches near the rim.
  3. Create the fuse by using a strip of paper damped with flour paste. Sprinkle the damp paper with black powder and twist it tightly. Get your scissor or cutter and cut the paper for about two inches and insert it to the end of the loaded tube. Seal the other end of the tube. You have now created your very own firecracker.
  4. You can bundle the firecracker altogether by braiding the fuses together. Or try to create a longer fuse for the firecrackers so that individual firecrackers are tied to it. Tie the fuse to a tree or your fence and light them.
  5. You can now customize the size of the firecrackers depending on your own preference for your next batches of homemade firecrackers. For small parties and events, do not forget to create firecrackers for a more spectacular party.

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