How to Make Excuses

It looks like it is just human nature to want to make excuses, and we do this even without thinking about it sometimes. We make excuses everywhere and it seems like that for most of us. We will try to make excuses due to the lack of enough time, lack of adequate money, not having the correct contacts, lack of adequate help, lack of enough experience and even being in the wrong set of circumstances.

However, when we look at the lives of the people we are so successful no matter their circumstances, we learn something very strange about them. These guys may have been in similar or worse circumstances and beginning with the very bare minimum, they have stil gone up to hit the top in the line. They also choose forgetting about all the excuses they could have made very genuinely.

If these people had given themselves to the circumstances they were in, their list of excuses would have been longer and even bolder, but they chose to look elsewhere. They actually made the point of surprising everyone else, but they know that is not the best they could have done. Does it then not appear like life is actually about the choices we make as opposed to circumstances? Making the right choices regarding hard work, working better, making more friends and refusing to surrender can be those vital elements for success.

It may appear that those top achievers get to make a real agreement with themselves that nothing is going to tie them down. There will be no giving up or turning away no matter what obstacles they meet on the way. They forget about circumstances that naturally call for excuses and simple look at their goal and they go on to become achievers.

It goes without saying that it will cost you nothing to make an excuse and it becomes easier to make them, as the deeper you get into them. And you will have enough people agreeing with you that really there was nothing you could have done in the circumstances. There are all good reasons for you to make an excuse for any challenge and situation in life, but when you choose not to, things will look more positive you and this must be a good point to ponder.

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