How to Make Bracelets Out of Old Clothing

Want to make a fashion statement? If you still have clothing in your closet that you don’t wear, have outgrown but you like them so much you can’t find it in your heart to throw them away? Well now you don’t have to. There is a way to transform your favorite no longer used clothing items into fabulous and interesting jewelry. You save yourself the heartache of parting with your favorite clothes and from spending a lot of money for custom jewelry.

Step 1

Cut the fabric that you have selected to use into small triangles. Make sure the measurements of your triangle is a 1 inch base and 3 inch sides. The base of your fabric triangle will directly affect the length of you bead once it’s done. So, if you desire a bigger or small bead then simply increase or decrease the I inch base measurement. The length of the two sides directly effects the thickness of each bead. This option is customizable as well.

Step 2

Add white craft glue to a bowl. Pour in equal parts water to the white craft glue. Place each cloth triangle into this mixture. Remove any excess solution from the triangles by pinching the fabric.

Step 3

Lie each triangle on a flat surface. Take the 2 inch nail and place it at the 1 inch corner of the triangle. Roll the fabric around until the end of the nail and press the fabric firmly against the tip of the nail. Add a drop of white craft glue to secure the fabric.

Step 4

Let the beads dry for approximately 10 minutes for the glue to slightly harden. Be sure to remove the fabric from the nails before the white craft glue dries. Now, lay the beads out so they can dry thoroughly and completely.

Step 5

Take your thick string and string the beds in a fashion to where they are not touching. Submerge each beads in polyurethane to give the jewelry a high gloss. Pin the beaded threads with a clothespin to the end of a coat hanger to dry.

Step 6

Measure some beading wire that exceeds your desired length by 1 inch. Cut the wire. Place a crimp bed and one segment of the bracelet clasp over the very end of the beading wire. Fold the wire around the clasp. Loop the wire back through the crimp bead. Secure the clasp closed with crimping pliers.

Step 7

Thread the hardened beads over the other end of the wire. Take another crimp bead and the other half of the clasp and fold and crimp the wire to secure it.

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