How to Make a River Cane Raft

Do you think you have what it takes to make a raft using only natural materials an basic tools? Do you think you could construct a raft in the wild if you had to? There may come a time when knowing how to build a river cane raft will be an advantage for you, especially when you are planning to try delaware river rafting. Here is how you and your family can construct a simple raft made of cane. It’s very simple, easy and fun.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Hatchet
  • Knife
  • Machete
  • Canes
  • Vines
  • Nylon rope
  • Saw

Step 1

You need to gather the materials your raft will be made from. You will need good sized canes and limbs to build this raft. You can use a machete, small chain saw or any sharp object to cut the canes and limbs for your raft. Some canes are hollow in the center. These canes work well because they are buoyant. Gather the nest canes or limbs available.

Step 3

Your raft will be heavy after you build it. So, take the two largest and most sturdy canes you gathered and put them 4-8 feet a part on the ground. Your raft will be built on top of these two canes. They will be your handles when moving the finished raft from land to the water.  Also, be sure to build your raft close to the water’s edge so you can get into the water with no difficulty. Be sure not to be so close that the tide will take your raft away. Be mindful of the changing tide.

Step 4

Start measuring pieces for your raft and cutting them. Cut two sections of can 6-8 feet long and two more sections that are 10-12 feet long. Place the longest pieces on the bottom. The shorter sections go on top forming a square shape. The longer sections will extend 4 feet on each side of the raft. This will help stabilize your raft.

Step 5

Lash each piece together with the nylon ropes. Add more canes until the raft is completely finished. When building alternate between the big pieces and the small pieces. Add more layers on top of the first sayer. These layer should be the same size. This helps to keep the raft balanced and sturdy. Bind all the canes together using the nylon ropes. If you don’t have ropes, you can opt to use vines.

Step 6

Test your raft. Before going on any open river, test to make sure your raft is sturdy and safe. Be sure to wear safety gear in case of an accident. Flotation devices should be used for every person who is going rafting.

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