How to Make a Patio Light

Turn your patio into a more welcoming place by just the work of some patio lights. If you install electric lights, they will turn out to be very costly and expensive. Instead, you can make patio lights of your own with some materials that are easily available in your house. You can very easily decorate your patio light and give it a very serene ambiance. Some people like to keep the area warm through the use of patio heaters. If you want a more tropical feeling in your patio, then check out these lighted artificial LED palm trees. 

Preparing the can. A tin can will be needed that will do the work of the patio light. First decide the size of your patio light. Now choose a can that is smaller in size than the light. Small cans of corned beef or even tuna may act as very good patio lights, and larger cans of fruits can be used for holding candles. Choose two cans that are of the same size and fill them with some tap water. Put the cans inside the freezer till the water in those cans turns into ice.

Cutting holes. When your cans have been preserved with ice from the inner side, take one nail and hammer it into the can again and again at an interval of half inch each time. The line created by the nail of the holes should begin from one inch below the top of your patio light can. Once you finish the hammering, let the ice melt. After this, cut a wire into some pieces that are each eight inches long. These pieces will be threaded inside the holes in the can.

Inserting a handle. The next step for your patio light is to get one piece of a wire that is thirty-five inches long and put it inside an eye screw. The eye screw should be right in the center of the wire and the ends of that wire should be tied up in a clamp. When the wires have been fastened, tighten the screw on the piece of wire with a drill. Make many loops in that wire when you tighten the screw. Put tiny chunks of wood in those loops. Complete the wires with the drill. When the wires are entwined, remove the wood and make use of clippers to cut the wire loose from the screw. This will become the handle of the patio light. Turn the ends of your patio light can’s handle till you are able to insert the wires in the holes of the can.

Adding a candle. For adding candles to the patio light, place a little bit of sand into the can. Now, place the candles inside the sand. The sand will serve two functions, that of keeping the candle firm and of absorbing dripped wax. If the sand becomes saturated with the candle wax, refill your patio light can with some new sand.

Putting in some decorations. You can decorate the outside of the patio light can with any material that you have with you. You may cover your patio light can with PVC glue and sprinkle sand on it to give it some texture. You may put on some shells and rocks to decorate it.

After you are finished making the patio light, go ahead and hang it on the patio. Enjoy the somber light and the peaceful atmosphere radiated by your homemade patio lights.

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