How to Make a Japanese Cartoon

One thing that demonstrates Japanese art in a very distinguished way is Japanese cartoons known as anime and manga. The two types resemble each other; the only difference being that anime is more popular in television shows and cartoons while manga comes in print. Japanese cartoons have a distinguished feature of huge eyes, tiny mouths, as well as strange hairdos. These cartoons are made in a way that their facial emotions can be overstated. For example, if Japanese cartoon laugh, then their whole face should be predominated by their laughing mouth. The eyes are made in a way that they may pour out enormous and immense quantity of tears when these cartoons cry.

If you master the art of making Japanese cartoons, you have a very good method of portraying any good storyline. Today, Japanese cartoons depict an integral part of contemporary art. It is a talent that gives you good skill. However, it may take you years to draw like a professional.

The head of the cartoon. For a Japanese cartoon, the fundamental shape that one has to make for the head is a circle. Make sure that the circle you draw is on the paper’s upper side, so that enough space is left for the body. After that, make the chin as well as the jaw in a defined way by making a slightly blunt funnel outline at the circle’s lower half.

The face of the cartoon. Make two tiny curves, one at the bottom of the face, and one slightly above it to make the mouth and the nose respectively. Contrary to the nose as well as the mouth, a Japanese cartoon’s eyes are over pronounced. First, make an inverted curve for the eye’s upper bulge. Having done this, make an upright curve below the inverted curve to complete the structure of the eye. Now, connect these curves with each other in a circular shape. Shade the part that lies inside the circle of the eye. Perform the same steps once again for the other eye. Make a stroke of some eyelashes. While making the eyelashes, keep in mind the gender of your Japanese cartoon, for a female will have bold strokes of eyelashes for a feminine look, while a male will have lesser bold ones, for a masculine look.

The body of the cartoon. For making a Japanese cartoon, you will have to give it some distinct features for the body. The usual trend for a female Japanese cartoon is a thin body, with long legs and slim waist. On the contrary, a male Japanese cartoon usually flaunts the look of a fighter with wide shoulders. The dress of your cartoon is an equally important factor. The dress of your Japanese cartoon depends on the type of fighter or warrior your cartoon is.

The weapon of your cartoon. Usually, Japanese cartoons portray a hero or a warrior. A number of weapons can be used for different heroes. Swords and axes are the most frequently used weapons. A very integral role is that of the weapons in the shows or movies of both the amine and the manga. The best way to depict action is to make use of your creativity in designing the weapons in animation. The basic trick when you make a weapon for an amine Japanese cartoon is that the weapon should be inconsistent to your hero’s size. A long sword can be designed for a slim and lean hero and make him carry the weapon as if he does not feel its load a bit.

To learn the art of making Japanese cartoons proves to be a good pastime for everyone. This may be a collection of yours or even visit website to  trade in cards.

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