How to Make a Darth Vader Costume

Thinking of Halloween, how can we ignore one of the greatest evil villains, who has entertained fans for the past 30 years? Darth Vader is iconic in more ways that what I can list here. From a Jedi warrior to becoming evil incarnate, the suit worn by Darth Vader is amongst the most popular ones even today. Today we will see what all you have to do to become the Dark Lord yourself!


  • a helmet (or a mask) of Darth Vader – available in stores everywhere
  • voice changing gadget
  • red light saber
  • riding boots – black
  • motorcycle gloves – black
  • thermal undershirt
  • jogging pants
  • faux leather – black
  • some black fabric
  • spray paint – black
  • contact paper – black


  1. Once you buy the Darth Vader helmet and mask, you have to make sure that you are comfortable wearing it for a suitable duration. The voice changer will be sitting inside the helmet so that should snug fit too. Sometimes, the voice changer doesn’t produce the desired voice that you are looking for. In that case, a towel comes in handy.
  2. The boots have to be polished well. It is better if you opt for a new pair.
  3. Take the running pants and tear them apart. Likewise, tear off the sleeves of the shirt till the shoulders. Attach the faux leather instead of the sleeves. Sew it together till it stops slipping.
  4. In a similar fashion, cut out the upper body armor and the guards for the shins. Use spray paint to paint them black.
  5. Take some cardboard and make a codpiece from it. Make sure it is a near perfect fit. Then, using the cardboard, cut out a similar piece of foam and attach it to the faux leather. Glue it firmly to the cardboard.
  6. Buy a cheap belt and using the Darth Vader’s costume as a reference, fashion 2 small boxes to make up for the control boxes present on the belt. You also have to use some word to design a fake buckle that you will glue on to the back of your belt. (Actually, you will wear the belt inside out so that the fake buckle is visible outside).
  7. As mentioned above, fashion another box to copy the control box on Darth Vader’s chest.
  8. Your cape should be made out of 2 capes. The inside cape should be lighter and can be made using any available robe pattern that you can find. For the outer cape, you have to use some heavy material. The cape to be used should be of enough length to cover you from the neck to the floor, including the shoulder armor. A reflective material like satin will also look good.

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