How to Make a Crossbow

A crossbow is one of the best ways to shoot arrows. A lot of people use crossbows for target practice. It is a weapon comprising a bow mounted on a stock that is used to shoot projectiles, also known as bolts. People still make use of crossbows in warfare. But mostly, they are used for hunting and target practice. People think that it is not easy to make a crossbow but the reality is it is fairly simply to make one

Here is how you can make a cross bow:


  • You are on your way making a crossbow by first boiling water in a large pot. Once the water starts bubbling, reduce the heat and dip in 2 skewer sticks. Let them get heated for 45 minutes.
  • After 45 minutes, the skewers will become soft. Slowly turn them into a bow shape. Make use of clamps to keep them in the crescent shape, till the sticks dry.  If you do not have clamps, use a duct tape to paste them onto a cardboard while they are in a crescent shape. Duct tape each skewer together one above the other.


  • Take four square wooden chopsticks and duct them together.
  • Make a slot in the taped set of chopsticks in the same width as one of the skewers, a few centimeters deep.
  • Take a half inch piece of string and wrap it around both the ends of the skewers and apply hot glue so that the string sets into the right place.
  • Tie a circular loop on both ends of the string. Keep the loops over the stuck piece of string, wrapped around the skewers.
  • Duct tape a pin to the chopsticks in such a way that the teeth part is facing the bow. The clothes pin should be kept on the opposite ends of chopsticks.
  • You can also make your crossbow arrows. To do so, get toothpicks and place and place ‘flags’ on one end.  You can make these from duct tape or paper. Paste the flags and you are ready to target practice.

In order to load your crossbow, you have to pull the string back and place it into the clothespin. Place a toothpick arrow directly ahead of the clothespin. To fire, open the clothespin so that the string is released and shoot the arrow forward.

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About the Author: Daniel Sherwin holds a degree in Chemistry and plans to be a scientist sometime soon. He finds himself very close to the nature. Currently, he is living in New York, USA.

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