How to Lose Belly Fat Effectively

One of the most problematic body parts women find hard to trim down is their bellies. Women and men pour over magazines and see washboard abs from female and male models, then wonder how in the world the models got that kind of body. There are ways to trim your belly fat, however.

  • Stay disciplined. You must first develop this kind of attitude, if you don’t, you will always find excuses to indulge in cravings for food. Understand that going to the gym or doing crunches every day will not change anything if you do not change your dietary habits.

  • Pick a diet that is right for you. There are different kinds of diets from which you can choose such as the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet and many more. With these diets you need to watch what you eat. Be mindful of the calories you consume. Choose foods that are rich in fiber. Increase your intake of vegetables, fruits and fishes. Also, drink a lot of juices and water.
  • Avoid junk food. These are a delight to eat, but they don’t bring your body any valuable nutrition. Avoid relying on fast foods for lunch and dinner. Avoid indulging in a box of chocolates and chips during your movie fest. As a reward, pick a certain day and a certain meal wherein you are allowed to eat a junk food item of your choice, which will make you feel better while on your otherwise strict diet and satisfy your cravings.
  • Instead of eating three times a day, make it five to six times a day. Did you read that right? Yes, you did. This means you should eat five to six little meals per day, which is better than taking three fully loaded meals a day and having snacks in between. Eating five to six little meals will keep your stomach satisfied while maintaining a consumption level right for your diet.
  • Eat healthier. This is the right time to thoroughly consider what to eat. Eat a balanced meal. Eat green leafy vegetables. Consume fiber-rich fruits. Avoid sugar. Eat foods rich in antioxidants.
  • Skip the soda. Consuming soda not only puts on weight, but it is also a risk to your health. Sugar-rich foods and beverages lead to belly fat. Opt to drink water and natural juices instead.
  • Exercise! How in the world will you shed that belly fat if your concept of exercise is watching the sports channel? You need to go out and move. A daily chore like cleaning the house can be great exercise. You can pick a sport you enjoy and make it your daily exercise so that as you have fun you also trim down your belly. Then working out will not feel like so much of a chore.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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