How to know the Number of Songs Hold by 4GB iPod

ipod is a storage device which can be used to store your favorite music and carry it with you .you can select your favorite song and hear to it with the help of earphones and speakers. Depending on the storage capacity of your ipod you can store songs in it. The storage capacity varies for different ipods.

For the selection of an ipod with a memory of 4GB and to know about the number of songs that it can store you can make use of the following information.

1. File size of the song:

The formats and lengths of audio of the songs downloaded to the system will be different. This format and length of the audio will build the file size of the song which is downloaded. The file size of the song is essential in order to know how many songs can be stored in a device namely the hard disk of your computer or devices like ipod etc.

The information about the file size of the song can be obtained on a computer windows with the cursor placed over the audio file. When the cursor is placed on the file the information about the file will be displayed right beside the file. The setting of view in the explorer which is used for displaying the details beside the audio file in a column can also be changed. The information about the audio file is obtained in the following manner. First your finder is opened and navigated towards the audio file which is kept like a music folder. Next the view is changed which shows the items in a column where the size of the file is seen in a column where it is displayed which is next to the title of the song.

2. Calculation of the total file size:

The songs which are to be stored in the 4 GB ipod is selected. This 4 GB ipod will allow you to store songs only for a limited only a particular amount can be selected. But none of us like to miss our favorite songs. A list is made of all your favorite songs. If there is lot of space in your computer memory a new folder can be created in the desktop and all your favorite songs can be stored in it. When you have stored all your favorite songs in that particular folder keep the cursor over the folder until the information about the folder appears. The size of all the songs in that particular folder will appear and this information can be made use in order to know how many songs can be held by the ipod.

3. Usage of itunes:

You can make use of your itunes in order to find out the storage capacity of the 4 GB iPod. The songs should be copied in the itunes library if this technique has to be used. The songs can be selected by highlighting every song and the bar at the bottom of the itues window should be watched the number of selected songs and the total size of the file can be seen at the bar on the bottom of the window.

Determination of the total size of the file helps in the estimation of the quantity of songs that can be stored in the 4 GB ipod.

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