How to Know the Nature of a Woman

For a man few things are as frustrating and challenging as reading the mind of a woman. It is as hard as trying to organize a cluttered room full of junk. Sometimes, in fact, even a woman finds it hard to comprehend herself. But a woman’s nature is nonetheless intriguing and beautiful all at the same time.

  • Women are emotional. Women can cry over the smallest of things such as watching a movie they have seen for the tenth time. A woman’s heart can easily be touched. But this is not weakness; it is strength. A woman is emotional because although she uses both parts of her brain, the right side (which is responsible for our emotions) is her most dominant part. This is also why women know just what to say to a troubled friend; that is, they are wired to think and respond emotionally.

  • Women are communicators. A woman can never run out of stories to tell. Because women are more likely to talk rather than think, they are known for being very opinionated. This characteristic can often be misunderstood as being judgmental and critical towards others.
  • Women are motherly. No, she is not trying to impress you—although that may be a factor. A woman will showcase her motherly side at any time and in any circumstance. She will cook for you. She will try to feed you when you are hungry. She will mend your wounds. She will take care of you while you are sick. Women have in them a mother’s instinct that can never be diminished. It is ever present in every woman. This also shows why women are into playing with children: it is a chance for them to be mothers.
  • Women are idealistic. Women think they deserve nothing less than what they deserve. You may hear them talk about wanting to settle in a big house one day with a husband who can take care of their needs. You might hear single women talk about their ideal man as if they were talking about a man who could be picked off a shelf at a store. Although women set these ideals, they are willing to settle for someone who truly captures their hearts.
  • Women are insecure. This is not the kind of insecurity that leads to desperation. Society impresses upon them at a very young age that if they are not pretty or smart enough, they will never be pursued. This is why women feel more pressure to look good as they age: they fear that if they’re not pretty enough, no man would want them.

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About the Author: Alan Kennon lives a very happy life with two kids and a lovely wife. He likes to share his life time experiences with others about how they can improve their lifestyle and personality.

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