How to Improve Your Grammar?

Grammar is often taken for granted. As students, we tend to ignore grammar and concentrate more on vocabulary building. But those impressive words fail to make an impact when strung in poor grammar. Grammar makes a deep impression on people. Do you know that poor grammar can get you fired? Lack of proper communications skills can be a big hindrance in your career and your daily life. You do not need to go back to school to brush up your grammar. Just enroll yourself online on how to improve your grammar sites and master the language in a few weeks. Some important tips you must follow are given as under

Read a lot of material on anything that interests you, but make sure that it is written in excellent English. When reading, notice how words are connected. In the quest of learning new words, we overlook the grammar; this is where we go wrong. Grammar is equally important. It is the structure which supports the magnificent words.

Improve Grammar

Read a paragraph from a book and then rewrite it. Compare it with the original paragraph and notice your mistakes. See how the variation in grammar can change the whole meaning of the sentence.

Pin point the field in grammar you need to work on the most. Then practice exercises based on that field for a couple of days or till you feel that you have grasped it.

Perhaps the best way to improve grammar is to hear a native speak. Listen to the news on TV or radio. The newscasters speak English clearly and with good pronunciation. Try to copy them, say the words loudly so that you can be aware of your short comings.  If you have a friend who speaks English, then ask for his/ her guidance.

Online grammar lessons are the best way to improve your grammar. Download a site in your spare time and practice the worksheets provided by the side and see positive results in a few months.

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About the Author: Darlene Aronson holds a degree in English literature and is a college teacher in Texas, USA. She likes to help others by sharing her experiences in education and training field. She has written for many blogs as well as local magazines.

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