How to Immobilize a Shoulder with an Ace Bandage

According to sites like C2C First Aid Aquatics Scarborough, many sports accidents account for the shoulder injuries. These include cricket, baseball, basket ball, hiking games etc. These injuries include dislocations and fractures. Ligament tears may also occur due to a severe injury. Ligament injuries are very complicated sometimes. An ace bandage is the first aid measure that you should take in any shoulder injury. Without this the complications can lead to paralysis of the limb, at most. This is a simple technique. You can easily do this yourself. In extreme injuries it is really helpful in averting the nerve damages. Following are the steps for giving an ace bandage and immobilizing an injured shoulder.


  • First of all, place the ace bandage around the affected shoulder. Your bandage should be very stable and firm. This is the basis of the bandage. You must begin with the proximal area of the shoulder blade and bind the bandage twice on the shoulder to get the initial stability. The bandage must pass under your arm. It should be of medium tightness. A loose bandage will surely fail to immobilize the shoulder. A tight bandage will cut short the blood supply to the shoulder that will stop the healing of the shoulder. Keep it a little tight but it should minimally hurt the patient.

  • The first step must be repeated at least three times. After that you may turn the bandage onto the chest and start putting it over it. In this way you will wrap the bandage on the main body. After this binding, you should move towards the injured part of the shoulder again. By this, the shoulder will become more stable. It will be totally immobilized. You must not hamper the blood supply of any area of the body. That will lead to another issue. Beginners can do this mistake that is very common and the patient suffers in breathing and circulatory functions of his/her body.
  • In the case when you have got a long bandage, you can easily provide more immobility by putting it on the chest and the back. The shoulder will become very stable by this.
  • You should now take a look at the bandage from above and below and then you may use a fastener to bind the ace bandage firmly.

You should get practiced now. You should try these easy steps on normal people to gain encouragement. Beginners are always hasty. Haste makes waste. You should be calm and comfortable while you are carrying on this simple procedure. You should compose yourself and you may also get special training of first aid if you like.

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