How to Identify New Features in Vista

Microsoft is a leading company. It brought a great revolution in the usage of the computers by introducing the windows XP. It was really a success. But Microsoft never stopped. Window Vista is now designed by Microsoft. It was called Longhorn by the Microsoft. But eventually it has got the name Vista.  There is a hell of difference in XP and Vista. From security to user interface, everything is changed. Microsoft has given a new touch to the windows.

User Interface changes

It is the major difference between Vista and XP. The interface is visually very appealing in Vista. Some characteristic changes on this aspect are:

  • Aero. Aero means Authentic plus Energetic, Reflective, & Open windows. The description of the new look of Vista is as simple as that. The animation of vista is very shiny and glassy. It is the main work of Aero.
  • Realistic icons. The icons in Vista are like pictures inside a small box. They help in recognition of every single icon in a great manner. You can also zoom in and out the icons. They are larger in size.
  • Preview of programs. You can have the preview of the program in the vista just by moving the mouse cursor on the icon. The windows XP lacked this feature.
  • Sidebar. An interesting and charming feature of windows Vista is the beauty of its sidebar. You can equip its sidebar with various applications that you need now and then to get your important tasks done. This can be in the form if gadgets or widgets that can be used for weather information and the things like that.
  • You can enjoy even more features other than those in the user interface. These are as follows:
  • New Features in windows
  • Some other features of Vista are:
  • Many fonts.  Microsoft JhengHei, Microsoft YaHei, Meiryo, Malgun Segoe Print, Gothic, Corbel, Segoe Script, Constantia, Candara, Consolas, Cambria, plus Calibri are the new fonts that are included in Vista. They are not present in XP.
  • Enhancements. Today the most important part of windows is its mobility. Mobile device center and the portable device systems are present in Vista.
  • Power-saver options. Vista conserves the power when making a connection to the wireless internet or sharing files.
  • More security features. User Account Control, Digital Rights Management, Randomization of Address Space Layout, BitLocker Drive Encryption, Mandatory Integrity Control, plus Kernel Patch Protection are the main security enhancements of Vista. Your machine is more secure by this.

You should get started now with Vista. Windows 7 has also been introduced which also beats Vista in its features.

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