How to Identify an AMD k7 CPU

Advanced Micro Devices, an outstanding multinational company specialized in the semiconductor devices, makes computer hardware for consumer and commercial markets.  They manufacture graphics processors, motherboard chipsets, processors, microprocessors, so on and so forth. In 1999, the first microprocessor that reached the speed of 1GHz was manufactured by AMD. Its name is Athlon or usually it is also called a K7.It was even better than what Intel produced at that time. You can identify it in the following manner if you use it:

  • By opening the computer up. You can open your computer or laptop if you know the way to do it. A right size screwdriver is very efficient in removing the screws of the computer. Low powered magnet is not able to do the job. Motherboard is the chip where almost all of the hardware of the computer is present. AMD K7 CPU is also present there. You can get the instruction receipt of your computer on which the map of the motherboard is present. You may also use a magnifying glass to check out the motherboard.

  • Not opening the computer. To identify an AMD K7 CPU you may not need to open your computer if you install software for this. CPU-Z software package is very helpful for this purpose. The website can make the downloading very simple for your help. When you have downloaded and installed the software on your PC, you should open the icon from your desktop and start the software. CPU-z window will appear. This software package will tell you the peculiarities and the characteristics of your CPU. You will see the code name, name, specification plus other details of your computer. Note down the information. AMD processors have got a supportive site You will have to put the special information for the identification of your CPU. You should have a steady internet and a good browser i.e. ‘Mozilla’ or ‘Google Chrome’ will serve the case; by doing so you will get the required identification of your CPU.

See how easy it is to identify the AMD K7 CPU. I am telling you that you will enjoy great fun while buying AMD processors for you or with your friends. You will become important for your friends when they will plan any AMD hardware purchase. You will also get knowledge about other things. You can do it in no time. You should know about things in this modern era. It is a world of competition and you should fulfill the requirement of the world to live in it.

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