How to Have a Quick Talk with AT&T Customer Service

Whenever you call a customer service number you will hear a voice as if recorded. This customer service robot is an IVR system which stands for Interactive Voice Response. It redirects you to the right customer service line by identifying the message with the use of DTMF and voice. This system has improved very much but still we people do not like to talk to a robot. Thus we want the robot to let us talk to a live person. Sometimes we make a call and the robot tell us about different services and even advertisements occasionally. Following are the ways by which you can talk to a real and live person in a very short time:

  • Try to access the customer service person directly:

In an IVR system each digit is specified to a different line. Customer Service has a reserved number also. When you press a number on the phone, it connects you with the respective line. Mostly the number for customer service is either 9 or 0. As soon as you hear a voice prompt, press 0 or 9 and you’ll be redirected to the customer service’s line instantly.

  • Press random buttons:

After making the call to AT&T you’ll hear a robotic response. Randomly start pressing different digits on your phone until you hear a real person speaking. This will work because a specific number would be assigned to the customer service representative.

  • Hash and Asterisk keys can also help:

Sometimes customer service line is attached to the hash (#) or asterisk (*) keys also. So once you hear a voice prompt, try both the asterisk and hash key. If they work you’ll get to a real human’s voice. It is also valuable if you try to press a single button at a time. If your try fails, remake the call and try another button.

  • Voice Recognition can be used too:

There may be a possibility that the IVR is working on a voice recognition system too. If it’s the case, try saying the words like “agent” or “representative” after you hear the voice prompt. It can also help you too.

Whatever method you apply or whatever method works, you must remain cool. Mostly they have set the robots for our own convenience. But your purpose is to talk to a representative and for which this article is for. So after a successful try, be polite with the customer service representative because he is just a worker not the owner or administrator of this IVR system.

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