How To Have a Disney Princess Movie Marathon

The most seemingly worn down cliché of the princess and used up that finds her prince, who is charming against all the odds which include the monster or evil queen is still the most favorite of many little girls.  Disney is one of the premier film production companies, which is more or less responsible for the release of the much popular animated films, which features princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, and sleeping beauty.  Over some decades, Disney stuck this overused plot for many of their newest releases of films.  So, if plan to spend the whole day with your little princesses, here are some of the movies you can purchase or rent to have a Disney princesses movie marathon.  Make sure the soda and popcorn is ready. And aplenty since this is going to be the longer movie experience that you will ever have them with your own daughter.

Snow White: The actual name is “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, released in 1937 by Disney film.  The movie will feature a beautiful princess who is named Snow White. Her father, the king, who has just died and has left her with wicked stepmother, the Queen as an in charge.  Because of the Queen’s envy Snow White’s beauty, she will order a hunter to kill Snow White.  Anyway, Snow White escapes because of the compassion showed by the hunter and far away she flees.  Then she meets 7 most adorable dwarfs in a forest. That is where the story will move, until her prince charming will save her.

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Cinderella:  This film was released in 1950. Story focuses on a beautiful girl named Cinderella. She will be forced to work as the maid for her most wicked stepmother and stepsisters.  Due to these oppressions, a fairy godmother will appear before her and will assist Cinderella to change into the most beautiful and exquisite lady to attend a ball function, where she meets her prince charming.  The prince will fall in love with Cinderella. Since the spell works only up to midnight, Cinderella will be forced to get back to the way.  The story proceeds since the prince finds Cinderella based on her glass slipper that she leaves behind.  This story is an ultimate classic.

Sleeping Beauty: This 1959 released animated film features the Princess Aurora. She is cursed to go into a deep sleep during her 16th birthday.  The spell will be broken only if the princess is kissed by the prince. This will happen to be Prince Philip.  Anyway, the task given is not easy as it seems. Since Prince Philip will primarily have to deal with the typical anti-hero, Maleficent.

Other Disney films:  besides from these three classic movies, a Disney movie marathon will be an incomplete one without few other essentials which provide almost the similar clichéd plot which are Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Little Mermaid and Mulan.  These films will feature beautiful princesses which find their only true love by facing several kinds of adversities such as evil witches, stepmothers, Queens, and beasts.

All these essentials are certainly required for the all out Disney princesses’ movie marathon.  Make sure to schedule the whole day. Spend maximum quality bonding times with your little own daughter.  It will be most worth since your daughter will be loving you much for this exciting event. After this, you can spend your day at Magic Kingdom at Disney World with your daughter.

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