How to Give your t-Shirt a Sexy Cut

Television commercials featuring car wash ladies in stylishly cut t-shirts is a very familiar sight. This wet look is often complementary to their appealing act. These t-shirts are very appealing and attractive themselves. You may have some old t-shirts that you are planning to discard soon. Don’t do that yet. Even better will be of you can manage to get hold of some your boyfriend’s or brothers’ over-sized t-shirts. These are the ultimate best for cutting in a sexy way.

Cutting the sleeves: To make a t-shirt sexy is easily facilitated by cutting the sleeves at seams. It is a good technique to flaunt your shoulders. This is a wonderful substitute to a swimwear cover-up. Instead of a sarong or a robe, an over sized t-shirt with elegantly torn sleeves. Use a scissors to cut the sleeves. Optionally, rip the t-shirt’s stitches from the seam for a crude look.

Cutting the bottom: You can a sexy and hip look to your t-shirt by cutting off its bottom. There are two ways to cut off a t-shirt from the bottom. One is a simple cut that goes along your midriff. Another method can be simply dying a knot at the bottom. A simple cut off can be easily done by a scissors at the end of the bust line. In case you are experimenting something new and are daring enough, go ahead and cut the t-shirt just where your nipple line ends. This will expose more of you but will prove to be a fine cover-up if you are wearing a bikini top. If you want something less revealing but still cut your shirt in a vertical line at the front or the back, and tie a knot with it on your navel or the small of the back. Your shirt may be very loosely fitted, and in that case, you may cut your t-shirt from the bottom in the shape of an inverted V and tie it.

Cutting the collar: If you have a sexy and flaunty chest, so ahead and show-off your cleavage by cutting your t-shirt’s neck. Use a scissors to cut in a vertical line from the neck’s centre. If you want to flaunt more of your neck, then cut off the complete neck altogether.

Use one or more of these methods to create interesting combinations for a sexy look. Take up any loosely fitted t-shirt and cut the bottom and sleeves to give a ruggedly sexy look. You can wear a cut off shirt by itself, but make sure that the material of the t-shirt is not too thin or transparent. Its better to wear such t-shirts over tank tops or as swimwear cover-ups.

Sexy t-shirts blend best with sexy shorts. And sexy shorts can be best made by cutting a pair of tighly fitted jeans. Pull out some threads from the cut off ends to give a sexy and worn out look.

This method is also a fantastic way of recycling your clothes which may otherwise have been discarded. So go ahead, give yourself some style, sexiness and flaunt your body.

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