How to Get Your Central Air Unit Ready For Summer

The hot days of summer can be quite uncomfortable to deal with without an ac cooling your house down. With summer getting close, it’s time to start thinking about having an ac repair and ac service for your air conditioning unit to keep your home cool with the help of an HVAC company. Having professionals come in and set up an AC Installation in Port. St. Lucie Florida or to maybe even just inspect the unit is highly important, it’s a crucial step in maintenance that can literally add years to the life of your unit and help it to cool more efficiently, so consider getting that air conditioning repair before the summer heat attacks your home. You can check out websites like to hire professionals. Make sure to that your Spiral Piers ducts are of great quality for the longevity of the HVAC system. Take note, that ducted aircon systems are a lot of cheaper in the winter, as heating systems are cheaper for the summer, so it’s the perfect time for your to get a furnace installation or get a heat pump replacement. If you need guidance on heat pumps, then contact professionals and visit their website here.

The good news is that if in the process of cleaning it you begin to suspect that something is wrong and you might have a broken A/C, then it would be better to visit or call a professional residential and commercial hvac specialist for an ac installation service and for other ac services.  Visit to see if they cater to your location.

If you’re going to be taking a better look at it yourself, make sure that you turn off the electricity to the unit first. Central air units operate off of 220 volts of electricity which can cause severe injuries and even be fatal. My personal recommendation is that you avoid the risk altogether and have the heating and cooling experts in Canberra take a look at it and if you end having to replace the entire unit then you should look into Air Conditioner Recycling to properly dispose of your old one. 

The shut off box is generally located very close to the outdoor unit. According to this ac furnace repair some units have a handle that you pull down to turn  off the power. Some have a removable breaker that you’ll need to pull out and some have a fuse that needs to be removed. If your unit doesn’t a shut off box, you’ll need to locate the circuit breakers inside your home and switch it to the off position.

Almost everyone knows that you need to change the hvac filters regularly. However, many people don’t realize that you should also clean the fins that are located behind the filter of your HVAC. Every time you change the filter you should inspect the fins to see if there’s a build up of dirt and lint. You can use a soft brush to clean them, or use the brush attachment  with your vacuum cleaner. If the unit is in a difficult or risky location, like the roof, you could always call ac installation services from places like have them take care of regular maintenance for you.

It’s also a good idea to clean the blower each season. Remove the blower cover and clean the inside with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. While you already have access to the blower, you should go ahead and oil the motor. Almost every hardware store carries electric motor oil and it’s fairly inexpensive.

You should be able to see several oiling ports on the motor. Oiling ports are simply small holes that take the guess work out of oiling the air conditioning units motor at the proper places. The holes are located exactly where the oil needs to go and all you have to do is to place several drops of oil into each one.

To remove the metal covering that protects your outside unit, you’ll need to remove several screws. Raise the cover straight up and set it to the side. Remove any dead leaves, grass or other debris that has collected on the condenser. Also, use a soft brush to remove any loose debris from the metal fins. Visit experts’ websites like to guide and help you.

The next step is to remove the grille located on the top of the unit. The fan is actually attached to the grille on most models, so you may need help with this step. Be very careful not to pull on any of the wires when you raise the grille up to clean it. Raise it straight up and have someone hold the grille you while you remove all of the debris. You can also contact a professional like Castle Home Comfort Heating & Cooling Emergency AC repair to do it for you.

You can use a water hose with a spray gun attachment to clean the fins. Place the sprayer on the inside spraying outward. Make sure to remove all the dead grass, insects and debris that you can see. When you place the grille back onto the unit, make sure that you don’t let any of the wires get trapped underneath the edges.

Before you replace the unit cover, spray it out with the water hose to remove debris. Lift the cover up and set it straight down on top of the unit and replace all of the screws. If it took you four hours or longer to clean the unit, don’t turn the unit back on immediately. Turn the thermostat off, turn the electricity back on and wait for at least 24 hours before you use the central air. If you can’t do it by yourself, call the experts like Stith Plumbing & HVAC.

The compressor inside the unit has an internal lubricant that needs to be warm to prevent damage to the unit. When you turn the power back on and let the unit set, the warming element  has the time it needs to heat the lubricant. After you’ve waited at least 24 hours, you can adjust the thermostat to the cool setting so the unit will come on. If you can’t do it yourself, then it’s better to visit an expert’s website like and hire them to do it for you.

Once you have the unit running, go back outside to the unit and see if you can hear any strange noises. If you do hear noises, you will need to remove the cover to see if anything is hitting the blade, or if something feel inside the unit. If there are any more problems, try getting a air conditioning repair service to fix it. If there are noises, but you can’t find a cause, you’ll probably need to have a professional air conditioning contractor like CM Heating / CM Heating to find the problem.

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