How to Get Rid of Underarm Stains on Shirts

Underarm stains can be very embarrassing. These sweat stains can stain the clothing and cause discoloration of the shirt. The stains themselves deteriorate the fabric the garment is made from. It can hold the unpleasant odors in the garment and it will never smell clean. No one wants to present themselves in public with dingy clothing that appears to be stain soaked even if it is clean. Treat the garment as soon as possible to increase the chances of complete stain removal. Removing underarm perspiration stains is important for a good self image. Read on to find out how you can remove perspiration stains from the underarm area of your clothing before the stain can not be removes.

Items You Will Need:

  • White Vinegar
  • Pretreatment Laundry Items
  • Salt
  • Kitchen Sponges
  • Gallon Container
  • Ammonia

Step 1

You should opt to treat all the stains using a pre treatment laudering item. Apply the treatment to the area and allow the enzymes to work on the stain. The fabric treated should not be wool, linen or silk. These items may be damages it wet. Water stains are just as difficult to get out from certain fabrics. These fabrics may even bleed or shrink.

Step 2

Do not place the garment that need to be treated in the dryer. This process may set the stain in the garment permanently. Instead, if you find that after the treatment the stain has not been removed completely, re wash the garment again without drying it. You can also apply 1 tbsp. Aqua Ammonia and 1/2 cup water with a sponge to the affected area and allow it to dry naturally.

Step 3

Older stains may be treated with 1 tbsp. white vinegar and ½ cup of water. Apply the solution with a clean sponge. Please note that some older stains will not be able to come out completely.

Step 4

If the garment still is holding in odors, attempt to get rid of them by soaking the garment. Make a solution in a gallon container with warmed salt water. Put approximately 4 tablespoons of salt for every gallon of water.

  • Some underarm stains may not show up immediately. Sometimes, warming the garment via the dryer can make the stain apparent from yellowing. Treat the area before the stain sets in.
  • Do not iron or dry fabrics that you know are stained. This may lock in the stain permanently and make it very difficult to remove.
  • All fabrics that are dry clean only material should not be treated with this method. You should take them to the cleaner for their professional assistance. They have more things to access when trying to remove stains.

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