How to Get Rid of Mildew on Rugs

Mildew can be a challenge to keep in check and even more difficult to remove once it has set in any object. Mildew needs specific conditions in order to grow and thrive. They need lots of moisture, oxygen, food and the right temperature. Mildew can not survive without moisture. The best way to deal with mildew is to prevent it. If you can keep your house and carpet dry, clean and well ventilated, then mildew won’t stand a chance. Mold exists in the atmosphere and we inhale it at times, that’s why doing a mold removal is really needed. Mildew is mold. It also has a unique smell and can be detected from its odor even before we can see it at times. The mildew or musty smell can be an irritant to any allergy sufferers. If left to grow mildew can damage your rug or carpet. Call on a Home Mildew Removal company to safely remove mold or mildew. You may also hire a professional rug cleaning company to deep clean your rugs. If you wan to do it yourself, here is how to clean mildew from your rug or carpet in an efficient way.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Detergent
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt

Step 1

Do not clean the rug or carpet inside the house. Take the rug to a place outside. If you clean the mildew from the rug inside your house, you will be releasing the spores into other things and into the air.

Step 2

You need to clean all the mildew off the surface of the rug or carpet that is visible to the eye. You can sweep this area or vacuum the area. However, this is not effective against the mildew that is inside the fibers of the rug or carpet.  You will have to wash the surface separately to target that area. Also, remember to wash the broom you used to clean the mildew from the carpet with well before you use it against inside of your house. You don’t want to transfer spores back into your home on a different surface.

Step 3

You need to wash the mildew from the rug or carpet. Mix detergent with water. Try to use a little water as possible. Add enough water to cause the detergent to sud only.

Step 4

Remove any of the excess  from the rug or carpet with a wet cloth.

Step 5

Hang the rug or carpet in the sun to dry completely. The sun will dry the mildew out and the air will blow the dead spores out of the rug. If these steps don’t remove the mildew, you can use some lemon juice and salt to remove the rest. The lemon juice kills microorganisms and the salt is an abrasive. Scrub the carpet with the mixture and allow to air dry. kill the microorganisms and the salt acts as an abrasive.

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About the Author: Jason Prickett loves to write about home maintenance and stuff you can do yourself instead of hiring any professional. His step by step guides will assist you in completing your home maintenance tasks.

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