How to Get Rid of Fingerprints on your Camera Lens

It will be so annoying for a photographer or a normal person if he finds finger prints on the camera lens while taking photos. These fingerprints prevent you from taking clear and beautiful pictures. And if a person gets irritated easily for this reason then he may lose his day’s enjoyment. The following are certain ways by which you can get rid of these fingerprints.

The dust particles or debris should be removed from the lens of the camera with the help of compressed air. Certain photographers make use of this compressed air for the purpose of cleaning the camera lens while others oppose this act. The people who oppose this tell that compressed air lowers the camera temperature and it will form cracks on the lens. But for lenses that are of high quality we can make use of this compressed air. But this should not be done often and also not for a long time.

  • The lens of the camera should be wiped with a cloth that is lint free. The cloth which comes with reading glasses and sunglasses can also be made use of. The wiping of the lens should be done only in circling motion. In order to prevent the scratching of camera lens we should wipe it with much care and light pressure.
  • But if scratches form on the lens then you need not worry. You can make use of a proper cleaning kit and clean the lens. This kit contains some liquid and a paper that is lint free in order to get rid of the smudges and fingerprints from the lens. Just spit little of it and wipe in circular motion. But this should not be done, if you have just eaten something as your saliva may contain some food particles. And also if you have phlegm you should not do this as it is very dangerous.
  • The above steps are very easy in order to get rid of the finger prints. But you can prevent your lens from getting finger prints by following the methods given below:
  • Your fingers and hands should always be kept away from the lens of the camera. The lens is the soul and heart of the camera and so you should not touch it often.
  • We should make use of ultra violet protector for the lens. This is another clear lens that is put on the top of the original camera lens for protecting it from sunlight. If we make use of this extra lens then all the dirt, dust and finger prints will go to this extra lens thus protecting our original lens. This is also very advantageous as this ultra violet protector is of very low cost. Thus you can safeguard your camera lens.

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