How to Get Perfect Biceps for men

Today, men and women are equally conscious about making their correct figure of the body. By this the men can find a lot of strength. It is good that men are also interested in this task of improving the condition of their body. Te biceps’ strength is the first and foremost desire of most men because it is very important in their manly look. The building of biceps needs a hell of time and it is not that easy as it looks.  You can get large biceps in a very short time if you follow the following steps of these at home workouts for biceps:

  • Warm up! This is advised by some doctors that a warm up before a strenuous exercise makes the exercise really very valuable. Almost 35 minute warm up is necessary for men and it may include jogging and stretching exercises.

  • You need to choose the right gym equipment! Fitness enthusiast Gino Armado writes for Gym VS Reviews to help you choose home gym equipment. I find using branded gym t shirts much better and they last for a long time. You want your muscles to grow at a high rate but you can never be able to do the thing with your muscles that they are not able to fulfill. Determine the weight that you may be able to stand and in the need of muscle grow try the
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  • Bicep Curls: Start with lifting the bar till it parallels the shoulders. The usual advice is to make 3 sets with 14 repetitions. If you think that you can do more, you can increase 5-6 repetitions to every interval. But make sure that you want to go home safe and sound.
  • Pull ups: These are never easy to do but they help very much in biceps building. You should do at least 4-5 pull ups in each set of exercise. You may also go for the assisted machines in the gyms that are really helpful for the obese people as their body weight is too much.
  • You may get the heaviest set for the dumbbells! When you have got experience, try the heaviest dumbbells. Do not sway the dumbbells during the exercise. Do not use anything except your arms. This may lead to harm if overdone.
  • Cool Down! Cooling down is very important as much as warming up. This process comprises of jogging, stretching, some cardio exercises and relaxing. It may lead to the proper development of your biceps.

2-4 times a week, these exercises should be done. The muscles may be harmed if the exercise is carried on with lesser intervals. Straining of muscles will lead to unnecessary loss. This must not be done. You may consult your doctor if you are going to do strenuous exercises.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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