How to Get Passport Photos for Less

Things change with time. Life can be a mess. No friends, we are not discussing bad luck here. We are here to talk about US passports. They have a ten year validity, we all know that. But come on, ten years? That’s quite a lot time. A whole lot can happen between these ten years. I mean, regardless of the concern one shows with his/her important papers, it does not takes much time for things to go wrong. For instance, elapsed termination dates, or damage of some kind can abscond you with an unfeasible, unacceptable or even worse, no passport at all.

Luckily, getting a renewal or replacement is not a very big problem. But the hitch is that the US Agency of Consular Dealings demands a passport photo no matter why you need a replacement or renewal. And mind you, your photos need to meet a certain set of limitations put in by the US Government Department of Consular’s. To check the standards of their adequate cheap passport photos you may log in to their website.

But if you are among one of those, I-prefer-to-help-myself, type of people then here’s how to get down and dirty with helping your photos meet the US standards yourself.

Underneath is the list of the tools you would want.

  • A digital camera with no less than 2 mega pixel capacity. With of course its compatibility with your computer.
  • Computer with a photo revise.
  • A wire to connect your computer to the camera.
  • Some pieces of picture quality paper.
  • A colored printer with a capability of printing good quality pictures.
  • A clear white wall to be used as a photo background. (A plain white cloth could be used as an alternate if a white wall is not available.)

Dress up neatly and take several pictures of yourself to choose from with of course the white background. Choose the picture that best fits to the US specifications. Remember not to hurry; it may take a while before you decide on a single shot but it is worth the time. An inadequate decision may make you wait for a longer period of time.

When you are finished with taking pictures connect your camera to the computer. Select the picture you want and open it again in photo revise. Create a new frame with a ruling of 1200*1200 dpi and a size of six inches by 4 inches. Fit your photo in the frame and crop it accordingly. When it appears satisfying enough make six copies of the same photo. Save it on JPG format and print on the photo quality papers you have.

Congratulations! Right here is set of six passport pictures on US specifications.

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