How to Get on Bebo at School?

Bebo (Blog Early, Blog Often) is a popular social networking website in various countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK and US. It is so popular that even at school you can find students trying to access it. As we know, most educational institutions do not allow students to access any other website except the ones that are needed for their studies, still you will find loyal Bebo fans trying to access it anyhow. If you really want to access Bebo at school, we will help you to know how to get on Bebo at School.

  • Look for a computer that you can access discreetly without anyone having the knowledge that you are snooping around. The reason why you need to access secretly is that if you are caught accessing Bebo at school, you may have to face dire consequences.
  • One can access Bebo through proxy server website.  A proxy server website will allow you to access any restricted website without leaving a trace about it on the computer. The filter programs that are used to block websites will not be able to detect such a proxy website.


  • However, filter programs can also block proxy websites. Whenever the filter program finds words like ‘proxy’ in the browser URL, it will block it. If you feel the proxy websites that you are using is blocked, you can do a search for ‘proxy website’, ‘proxy or ‘proxy’ on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Keep looking until you find a good one. The following are some of the proxy websites that you can use to get on Bebo at school like,,,, etc.
  • Once you have opened a proxy website, you will find a field to enter the URL of a website. Here you may type ‘’ and hit enter, the Bebo login page will appear and you will be able to get on Bebo at school easily.
  • You can browse profiles or do anything on Bebo without letting anyone to come to know about it. When you are done, you can simply sign out of Bebo and delete the history on the computer that you had used to access Bebo. The history will not contain details about Bebo but of the proxy website that you had used on that computer.
  • Lastly, make sure you have at least 3 to 4 proxy websites in your mind so that you can get on Bebo at school easily even when a proxy website is blocked.

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