How to Get help Finding a Research and Development Job

The field of development and research, being very popular, is a challenging job. It is very rewarding also. This job is granted mostly to the candidates who have completed their professional education and postgraduate qualification with some research thesis and research papers.  Those who have got their PhD degrees are also hired for this job. The candidates who are less qualified are hired only for additional support.

The post of R&D is present in many companies and factories who are striving for excellence of their goods and services. The person on this position should be capable of thinking about new ways and new ideas that can be applied to the products of the company and may help in their marketing.

If you also think that you are capable of being an R&D officer, you must find the posts in the following ways:

  • You may consult the Career Counselors on your college campus. Usually the counselors possess a list that contains the names of the companies that require a professional for the post of R&D.
  • Agencies or recruiters market the R&D jobs more than any other one. You should search online for the hiring agencies present in your city. Libraries also have got the information about these agencies. Libraries can provide a much wider variety of the industries that may need you. You should write to all recruiters who are in search of an R&D personnel.  You should personally contact the recruiter and tell him about your capacity and capability.
  • Apply for jobs online. Internet has brought a revolution in our job searching ways. is website, on which you can easily find the vacant positions for R&D posts.  You have the option to search the job in the place where you want to be.
  • Discuss the matter with your closest friends and relatives. Ask about the companies and get useful information from your close friends and relatives. You should tell your friends about your plans. Some companies are always hesitating to publish advertisements of the vacant posts. If your friends may have connections with the companies you will be able to get the information about the vacant R&D post before any other candidate.  Some journals like ‘Nursing Spectrum,’ ‘Hospitals and Health Networks’, and ‘Nurse Week’ are all about health care. These are very helpful in finding a job for those in doctor of nursing practice. These have also got information about the workshops and seminars that you may attend to enhance your skills.
  • The professional organizations in the company will help you a lot. They will provide you information about their meetings.
  • Chamber of commerce joining. You should join the meetings and the chamber for additional information about the R&D post.

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About the Author: Vanessa Page works a career counselor in one of the leading firms in Los Angeles. She is also a blogger and gives tips on how people can tackle their work and career issues. She has 8 years of experience in this field.

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