How to Get a Passport?

You can get a passport in number of ways such as obtaining it by mail, from passport acceptance facility, regional passport agency, or from private passport expediters.

The agency you select depends upon the type of passport service required and the time frame in which you need the document returned to you. Let’s look at some of these agencies in detail.


Obtaining Passport by Mail

You can use the Form DS-82 and apply for the passport by mail. However, you need to fulfil certain requirements such ass your previous passport, if any should not be damaged. Also, your age when the previous passport was issued to you should be 16 years and you should have obtained this passport in the last 15 years from the current date. Additionally, you name in the previous passport and the current application should be the same. In case of a change a certified copy of marriage documentation or change in name documents is required. Not only this, after all these requirements are fulfilled you need to wait for a minimum period of 15 days before you get the passport.

US Passports

Using Passport Acceptance Facility

If you need to get a passport issued in a regular manner or if you need the service to be expedited contact the passport acceptance facility nearest to your home. For this purpose, you need to take the DS-11 form along with all other supporting documents attached along with to the office. What’s more you can even submit these application forms at certain authorized public libraries, post offices, clerks of court, and other state, county, township, and municipal government offices. These offices have been authorized by the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Getting Passport from Regional Passport Agency

If you need to get a passport in less than 2 weeks, contact any of the thirteen regional passport agencies. However, you need to obtain a prior appointment from the Passport agency that serves your nation. This can be done by calling the National Passport Information Center. When going for the interview carry your unsigned but completed application form, proof of citizenship, current identification proof, two passport size photos, and the confirmation number of the said appointment.

Obtaining a Private Passport Expediter

A Private Passport Expediting Service can be used when you need a passport relatively fast but cannot travel to Regional Passport Agency. In such a case the documents and other formalities remain the same. However, instead of presenting the application yourself, you authorize to present your case.

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