How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

You are what you eat

Heavy foods in the evening can make you wake feeling bloated. Try eating your evening meal a little earlier and stay away from rich or greasy foods late in the day.

Bathing beauty

Soak away the stresses of the day with a hot bath using essential oils. Let your mind wander where it wants to go. Moisturise all over and wrap yourself in a bathrobe. Sit quietly in your favourite chair for 10 minutes and relax.

Water baby

Before going to sleep, drink a large glass of water. It helps to flush the impurities from your system, particularly if you have over­indulged with food or drink.

Ray of sunshine

Try leaving the curtains or blinds in your bedroom open before going to sleep to allow the morning light to awaken you. This is a great way to get your body attuned to the natural rhythms of the season.

Mask it out

For a refreshing treat, sleep with a cool gel mask over your eyes to reduce puffiness. If you don’t have an eye mask, keep a bottle of your favourite toner or astringent in the refrigerator and dampen cotton wool pads with the cool toner. Close your eyes and place the pads over them for 10 minutes before going to bed. Listen to your breathing and relax.

Breeze through

Sleep with the windows open a little, regardless of the time of year. It will stop the room feeling stuffy and will counter the effects of any heating or air conditioning. If your HVAC unit is not working, it will be harder to fall asleep so try scheduling a heating checkup in Tucson, AZ. You may also want to consider a heating system product or a ductless mini split system installation in Lascassas, TN if you’re looking to replace your outdated or malfunctioning HVAC system with a more efficient and effective solution. You can also repair your broken ac unit immediately before it gets too uncomfortable. You may contact this professional AC Maintenenace in Sunrise or No Problem Heating & Cooling | Heating Installation & Repair. You may also hire an air conditioning repair service in Frisco, TX or expert air conditioning services.

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Chill out

Sleep with the minimal amount of covers and clothing to feel comfortable. Too many bedclothes can cause the body to overheat during the night and you may wake up with a headache.

Silent night

If the slightest sound wakes you up, then try sleeping with foam ear-plugs to block out any unwanted disturbances.

Music maestro

If you have a radio or stereo with a timer in your bedroom, try lulling yourself to sleep at night, and waking yourself up in the morning, to some soothing classical music. Begin and end your day a calmer way.

Positive thinking

Remember all the great things that happened today. Think of all the things that you look forward to doing tomorrow.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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