How to Gallop a Horse

The gallop is an exhilarating feeling but should not be attempted until you have sufficient experience, skill and confidence. It is worth checking whether your horse can gallop, as not all are adept at this level of speed.

Never gallop in a confined space but, if possible, pick a field that has good wide grass tracks around the outside. If you have not ridden down the track before, take the time to walk your horse along it and check for any ruts or holes. If your horse puts its foot into one of these at speed, it is very likely to fall, resulting in possible damage and injury to both of you.

Gallop  Horse

It is also useful to know at what point you will need to start thinking about asking for a down transition to canter. By knowing your track, you will be able to do this with confidence. If your horse has a tendency to be a little strong, never leave this to the last minute.

Performing the gallop

  • Establish a good canter.
  • Raise your seat slightly out of the saddle and stand in your stirrups.
  • Shorten your reins and lean forward. If necessary, hold your horse’s mane to help you keep your balance and prevent you from jabbing it in the mouth.
  • Squeeze with your lower legs to ask the horse to move faster.
  • While allowing your body to move with your horse’s stride, push your weight forward to encourage your horse to “go on.”
  • Keep your body weight low and as horizontal as possible while remaining standing in the stirrups.
  • To return to canter, start to squeeze back and release on the reins, lower your seat back into the saddle, and slowly start to sit upright and adopt the canter position. If the horse resists, continue to apply slightly stronger aid with the reins while squeezing gently with your legs.

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