How to Fit a Spring Latch

The details in this article are for internal doors fitted with spring latches and lever handles or door knobs. If fitting a lock which contains a latch, you will need a lever handle which has a keyhole or, if using knobs, a separate escutcheon.

Find the centre of the door edge and mark it. Decide how far above the ground you want the handle. Measure the required height on the door and mark it across the centre line of the door edge. Transfer the height line around on to the two faces of the door. Measure in from the edge of the door the distance for the centre hole of the latch spindle.

Spring Latch

Bore holes into the edge of the door for the latch and into the face of the door for the spindle. Where possible bore the spin­dle hole from both sides to prevent the bit from breaking through and damaging the face of the door. Open up the latch hole with a chisel.

Insert the latch in the hole and mark around the face plate with a sharp knife or pencil. Remove the latch from the door. With a sharp chisel cut out the housing for the face plate of the latch. Be careful not to go too deep. Replace the latch and screw it in place.

Push the spindle into the latch and put one handle or knob on the spindle. Ensure that the handles are square with the edge of the door then put in the screws. Repeat with the other handle-with very thin doors it may be necessary to shorten the spindle. Check the working of the handles – they should return to the horizontal freely.

Spring Latch

Close the door carefully and mark the position of the latch bolt on the frame. Measure back from the edge of the rebate in the frame the distance the latch face is set back from the face of the door.

Put the striking plate on the frame in the correct position and mark around it.

Cut out a deep hole to take the bolt and a shallower one so that the striking plate can be sunk flush with the door frame. Screw the striking plate in position and check that the latch engages properly when you close the door.

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