How to Find out if You Are Pregnant

Many soon-to-be mothers second guess whether they are pregnant or not. A queasy feeling in the morning does not always mean you are expecting. Perhaps you have a cold, or you’re overworked and stressed and you need to get plenty of rest; however, if you suspect that you might be pregnant, you can check out the most common signs for early pregnancy, read the article to learn more!

Step 1

Check if your period is on-time or already delayed for a few days. If you have irregular periods, a delay of several days is normal; however, if you always have a 28-day cycle and never experienced delay in the past, missing your period now might be a sign that you are pregnant.

Step 2

If you missed your period, visit your local pharmacy and purchase a home pregnancy test. You might consider buying more than one tests to double-check the results.

Step 3

Conduct a test right away by following the instructions written on the package label of the home pregnancy test. Some tests will require your to urinate in a cup while the most common is to urinate directly on the test stick. Check the label of your pregnancy kit again for indications of positive test results versus negative test results. If not convinced by the results that you got, repeat the process using a new test stick.

Step 4

Take note of the changes in your body. Check if your breasts are swelling. Swollen breasts can be a clear indicator of pregnancy although for some women, the swelling might be subtle. You may also experience a darkening of your areolas, which is normal for a woman who’s pregnant. Your nipples will also tend to darken when you are expecting.

Step 5

Another pregnancy indicator is morning sickness or nausea. Women who are two to eight weeks pregnancy experience this often. You will likely tend to throw up for no reason, and you cannot control it. Take note though that almost most pregnant women experience morning sickness, there are those who don’t.

Step 6

You also feel dizzy, sleepy, tired, or lethargic. There are times when you just want to sleep all day and not get out of bed. These are signs of early pregnancy and are normal among pregnant women, and if you want to find out the gender A Date With Baby provides 3D 4D Ultrasound Toronto services that let you see your baby with incredible clarity, and our gender reveal service is a great way to discover the gender of your baby.

Step 7

Another sign of pregnancy is frequent urination. You suddenly feel it’s extremely hard to control your bladder and just can’t hold it as much as you wanted to. Pregnant women have to make several trips to the bathroom every day.

Step 8

An expecting woman will notice a sudden craving for food that she normally doesn’t think of. A woman’s body differ from others as some expecting women will crave certain salty and sweet foods or have an uncommon desire for spicy or starchy foods. You also get hungry fast and may feel nauseous until you eat. You might even notice that your senses, especially your sense of taste and smell, get heightened.

Step 9

A pregnant woman also experiences backaches and headaches. Backaches are very common through the course of pregnancy as your body has to cope with a growing belly. This can cause straining of your back. A maternity support belt is recommended for the prevention and treatment of low back pain during pregnancy. Your hormones also have to change which may let you experience headaches during the early stage of your pregnancy. And with your hormones raging, it is common for women to have mood swings during pregnancy.

Step 10

If you experience these symptoms, navigate to this website right away for confirmation. They will provide other tests and a physical exam to confirm if you’re expecting or not.

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