How to Conceive Twins Using Natural Methods

There are many factors that influence the conception of twins although it’s not 100% certain that you’ll conceive twins if you follow these steps — it will only increase the chances. You can never predict a twin birth but since more and more parents — and celebrities — hope to double their bundle of joy, parents who don’t have the means to opt for expensive fertility methods resort to natural methods to increase the odds. Factors such as heritage, genes, age, weight, and diet can all influence you to have a twin pregnancy. Here are some natural methods worth noting for couples who want to have twins:

Step 1

Monitor the female cycle and jot down fertility days. Knowing when the woman is “safe” or “unsafe” for a sexual intercourse is extremely important when trying to conceive twins or even a baby.

Step 2

Include dairies in your diet. According to some scientific researches, dairy products contain natural properties that help stimulate a protein that speeds up the release of eggs. This increases your chances of conceiving twins by up to five times. Examples of dairy products that you can add to your diet are milk, cream and butter, cheese, whey, yogurt, and milk powders. If you haven’t been eating any of these, start doing so right away. And the more you eat, the better.

Step 3

Eat cassava root. Cassava roots are not ordinary yams that you can buy from your local grocery store or Farmers’ Market. A cassava root is a type of wild yam found in Africa, where cassava comprises the main diet of the locals. Research has shown that women in that region have the highest rate of twin births anywhere in the world. The cassava root crop peelings are believed to contain a chemical that causes hyper-ovulation.

Step 4

If you still have a baby, continue to breast  feed them while trying to conceive twins. According to a study, women who breast feed while fertile are more likely to conceive twins.

Step 5

Try to conceive shortly after you stop taking pills. Taking birth control pills “control” your body’s hormones that prevent you from conceiving. When you decide to stop taking pills, your body adjusts and regulates your hormones back to normal, which causes your ovaries to hyper-ovulate and release more than one egg during the first cycle. This increases your chance to conceive twins.

Step 6

This one is not of your control. If your family has a history of giving birth to fraternal twins, you are more likely to have twins of your own. You probably have inherited a gene for hyper-ovulation from your mother or grandmother, which increases your chances to conceive twins. There are also other factors that contribute to having twins: slightly overweight women with an average height will have greater chances of having twins; Conceiving at around 35 and up also increases the chances of giving birth to twins. To add to that, once you have had a multiple pregnancy, there will be a significantly greater chance for you to conceive another set of twins again.

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