How To Find an Escaped Hamster

Hamsters are notorious escape artists. They love the dark and “hard to get to” hiding places. To catch a hamster you first have to realize why they’re so dang hard to catch. Hamsters tend to hide, and not move around much, so they’ve hard to locate. The hardest part about catching a hamster is first finding their main hiding spot.

If you find that your pet hamster has escaped the cage and is wandering about in the house, then the first step should be is to remove any hazards that it can come across. If you also have a cat or a dog as a pet, they can cause harm to the hamster. Keep the other pets in the house away, for a while. Also, get all the mousetraps and baits out of the house and put them in a storeroom. Keep the cage of the hamster accessible and open, all this while in the same area, so that in case the hamster returns on its own, it can be safe in its cage.

Hamsters love to run around a lot and can easily run for miles every night. You should make sure that the cage has enough fresh water and food, and also make sure that you have put their special food in the cage. Keep checking the cage, and if the hamster has returned, then close the cage carefully.

Try to look for the loophole from where it has escaped. You can place a few seeds of sunflower or other treats that the hamster likes. Also, place some seeds outside the cage in other rooms. Check the seeds in each room after some time, and the room from where the seeds are missing is where the hamster loves to wander.

From the room that the hamster has eaten seeds, make a small trail of the seeds back to the cage. These pets love to hoard seeds in small places, so be on a look out for the place where they are being cached. If you know where the hamster is, then leave one of the favourite treats inside the cage and place the cage near the area where you can find the hamster. Clean the kitchen floor off the crumbs and also keep the stored food in the kitchen closed well, so that they have to return to the cage for food. Also, keep other sources of water away, so that they have to go back to their cage for water

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