How to Feed Pigs

Pigs frequently need nutritious meals constantly to be healthy, cheerful and satisfied. A diet that is high in energy (corn), low fiber (cellulose) and supplemented with plenty of protein is recommended and wholesome to maintain healthy growth of your pig. A pig cannot be called a pig unless it loves its food.

  • Pigs are fed concentrated rations predominantly made up of cereals and vegetable proteins (e.g. soya bean). Meat and bone meal is not allowed to be fed to pigs in the UK by law and antibiotics are also prohibited except for some very specific circumstances, and then only under strict veterinary supervision. Most pig food is supplied in bulk.

  • Concentrated feed for pigs. The food is mixed in a large mill and turned into pellets and delivered by lorry to the farm. Although the pellets look unappetizing they are nonetheless nutritious and like our breakfast cereal. Pelleting the food reduces the amount of dust at feeding time which could be harmful to both the farmer and his pigs.
  • Pigs like eating and are happiest doing it off the floor! This is not very efficient however if a group of pigs are together as bullying and waste result.
  • The sows move into their stalls and are shut in for the duration of the meal. This ensures the correct ration and level of feed for all the animals on an individual basis. After feeding the sows are released to return to their yard. Feeding usually takes place twice a day and offers the stockman a good chance to identify reluctant feeders that may have become sick.
  • Pig feed can be delivered in bags which are usually the best way when smaller quantities of specialist feed are required. This feed is for freshly weaned piglets and contains a high level of energy and protein that must be kept fresh and palatable if it is not to be rejected by the pigs.
  • Piglet feed in the hand. Smaller and more palatable for the young animal. These pellets are about 3mm in diameter in comparison with pellets for an adult animal which may be 12mm or more, in diameter.
  • These weaned pigs are in a traditional yard with a large trough that is long enough to give every pig plenty of room at feeding time. Pigs at this stage are often fed adlib (as much as they want to eat). These pigs are 12 weeks old.
  • An alternative method of feeding is with an automatic feeder and hopper. This helps to reduce contamination and waste of the food. Feed is available continuously to the pigs but the hoppers are always emptied weekly to ensure that there is no buildup of stale food.

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