How to Enjoy the True Taste of Merlot Wine

The United States consumed a record of more than 20 million cases of Merlot in 2006, making Merlot one of the most sought after and recognized of all the red wines produced certified winemakers produce. Originally produced in Bordeaux, France, today many wineries based in the US produce Merlot—especially in California. Unlike other common red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot is lighter and mixes well with heavy red wines to make them smooth and light. To complement the classic tastes of Merlot, beef-based dishes offer a good combination. If you want to really enjoy and savor the taste of this exquisite wine, follow these simple steps to experience Merlot at its best starting by storing the bottles at the perfect temperature using evaporative air coolers.

  • Older wines produce tastier beverages. However, the fact remains that for Merlot, the earlier a date it bears, the fruitier and lighter it should taste. Pick up a bottle of Merlot based on the number of years, which you can check on the label.

  • If you are a wine fanatic, you must know how to preserve and keep your wine in a way that it will not spoil and will keep the authenticity in place. To properly keep your Merlot wine, to store it in a dark, cool place (you can use the best wine coolers) and take it out only when you decide to use and drink it. You should also keep it at proper room temperature—usually between 56 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also keep it in a movable cellar so you can choose a place in which you can balance the room temperature.
  • You must practice a particular process before you can actually drink the Merlot wine. You have to decant it first, a process wherein you pour a wine from the bottle to another container. During the process of pouring until the wine touches the other container, oxygen will come in contact with the wine and bring out its unique flavor. Allow it to stand for about 15 minutes. Another simple process you can follow if the wine is quite old involves pouring the wine from the bottle to a decanter very slowly and leaving at least three inches of it from the bottle, taking care not to transfer any sediment to the decanter.
  • Choose the appropriate glass for the red wine, as such differs from that of white wine. Red wine glasses are deep and bowl-like, while white wine glasses are thin and tall. The differing designs prove important to the enjoyment of the wine.
  • Pour your Merlot wine into the appropriate wine glass at least one-third full and let it stand for two to three minutes before you drink it. The heat from your hand will warm the wine, so hold your wine glass properly by grasping its stem.
  • The bowl-like shape of the red wine glass is for swirling, a process that will make the wine release its aroma and flavors once in blends with air.
  • You now have perfectly ready wine. Take a sip of your Merlot wine and let it saturate your taste buds so you can determine the flavors associated with it. Enjoy!

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