How to Encourage Your Cat to Accept a Weekly Manicure

A cat’s claws are an essential part of his survival kit for gripping and eating food, fighting and climbing trees. They may also be used for grooming purposes.

One of the most important ways of preventing claw damage within the home environment is to regularly trim your cat’s or kitten’s claws. The act of clipping removes the dead part of the claw, the outer husk, which covers the sharper claw underneath. A cat’s claws grow continuously in the same way as human nails. There is no set timescale for maintenance, but a regular weekly check is recommended.

After your cat has had his claws clipped, he may feel the need to scratch the blunt ends of his claws. If you see this behaviour after claw-clipping, transfer him to his scratching post and encourage him to scratch his claws there. Reward him with his treats.

Equipment: Claw-clippers or human nail-clippers, blunt-ended scissors, treats, a waste-bag or bin for clipped claws.

Training objective: To encourage your cat to accept a weekly manicure.

Training steps

1. Pick up one paw and press lightly on the pad to extend the claws.

2. With your free hand, pick up the claw-clippers and place the cutting part over the edge of the claw. When the claw is extended and held up to the light, you will see a pink part within the claw. The pink part is the vein.

3. Trim off the edge of the claw, making sure you avoid the veined area. If you cut into the veined area, the claw will bleed, which will be painful for the cat.

4. Any matted areas between the pads must also be attended to, as this can cause pain to the cat when he stands on his feet. Try to soften the matted areas with water and gently cut them away with blunt-ended scissors.

5. Finish off the manicure session with praise and treats for your cat. If any part of this procedure causes you difficulties, or your cat objects strongly, you will need to seek the help of your vet.

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